At DJA, we're keen at offering work experience to local students who are interested in engineering or 3D CAD modelling. During a a weeks work, we try and give a floavour of what we get up to and give the students a project that interests them. This can be anything from visiting a shipyard to drawing technical instruction manuals or in this case, producing panoramic tours.

Last years students helped us and the team from the Royal Comission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW) with the photography for their excellent Addoldai Cymru project, spending a day at Peniel chapel in Tremadog, North Wales. 

We then spent a day with Hugh from the Cambrian Mines Trust, creating a panoramic tour of the surface workings of Cwm Ystwyth Lead Mines in Ceredigion, Mid Wales. Callum and Rowan spent the day with the tripod, fisheye lens and pano head recording a series of high resolution images to assemble in to the tour. Back in the office, they researched the site and produced an interactive tour, with pop up images of the site as it was during its heyday, some of the miners that worked there and a satelite image map showing the tour across this facinating site. To see the tour, click on the image below.


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