Stress Analysis

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We’ve always worked to support our engineering clients as completely as possible, which is why we work closely with cutting-companies and fabricators to ensure that the structural assemblies that we produce can be cut and built in the best way possible.

Now we’re expanding our ability to support designers and fabricators by providing a range of services for the analysis of stress in structural details and elements.

With experience working in multiple industries and to a wide range of demanding requirements we’re ready to support designers over a range of subjects; whether it’s through the review of 3rd party calculations or the analysis of structural stresses through FEA or hand-calculation we can help give confidence in designs, ensuring they are structurally efficient and fit for purpose. With our experience, we can either work as a directed-resource, contracted to give support as you require, or providing a more turn-key solution to assess and analyse defined assemblies and details as required. 

This lets designers concentrate on the big picture whilst we can help assure them and the end users that the product is suitable to their requirements. Regardless of your analysis requirements we look forward to being able to offer a solution.

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